Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Moon

Here is a review of New Moon by Stephanie Meyer that I wrote awhile ago and am just now getting up.

Time for review of book #2 in the Twilight series - New Moon. I think I mentioned it a little in the Twilight review. The four or five blank chapters were quite clever. I really liked that. But I have to admit to being bored for most of the book. I kept reading because I was sure that the Cullens would show up. I enjoy the characters of the Cullens, I think more because of the extra chapters I have read on Stephanie Meyer's website. I was also intrigued by the Paris and Romeo metaphor she had going. It did get exciting and I couldn't put it down as soon as Alice showed up. I have Eclipse waiting for me at the library and I'm looking forward to the love triangle that awaits me there. I heard today that the next (final?) book will not be out until late 2008.

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  1. I love reading what others think about books! But you said 'chapters' on Stephenie Meyer's website. I've only read the one that's the first chapter of Twilight written in Edwards words. Are there more??? New Moon is my least favorite of the three books out. But I have to admit, I still love her writing. It sucked me in so much that I couldn't pull myself back to reality. Oh, and I believe that there are two more books coming out. Not positive, but I think I read that somewhere.