Monday, April 2, 2012


Not quite sure what happened to March, it flew by. 

Boo had some fun theme days at school.  There was farmer day, and I let her take a horse and told her it was her 'trusty steed'.  On the way to school she asked J, "What is this called again?"  J answered, "A trusty steed.  That's what they called their horses in the old days."  And Boo replied, "Is that because they didn't know it was called a horse?"

There was also an Easter Hat Parade.  Boo wanted dog ears for her hat.  In the end it ended up looking like a flop eared rabbit hat, so it fit a little better with the Easter theme. 

Of course, Kitty then wanted some dog ears too.  Green ones.  To match her green nightgown, which had replaced her pink pajamas as the outfit of choice.