Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sara's baby shower

Sara's having a baby! And it's a girl - I love girls.

Since we all live in different states, and it's rare indeed that we all are together, we decided to have a baby shower for Sara the day before Em's wedding.

We were still missing a few of our girls (and we did miss you), but most of us were there...

Mom was nice enough to let me do the food, so I spent the morning making a horrendous mess in her kitchen (which J and Peter O. cleaned up for me, thanks boys). But out of the chaos came a lovely spread...

I really regret not getting individual pictures of the food, but considering everything that was going on, I'm glad I at least snapped this one.

Leigh-Ann made the fruit kabob bouquet, and it was the most gorgeous dish on the table.

I don't want to tell you what you should do, should run to the store and buy the ingredients for the ham and cheese sliders. I've looked at them a number of times on Annie's Eats, but had my doubts about the mustard sauce on top. When my food friend at Apron Appeal gave them a glowing review, I decided it was time to try them. They were so. good. I used Rhodes frozen dough for the slider roll, easy and yummy.


  1. The food was wonderful. I think those cupcakes kept me going through the rest of the night! You did awesome and it was so much fun to have almost everyone there!

  2. Oh, tell Sara congrats! I had no idea that she was pregnant. This is exciting. Wish I was there.... The food looked good.

  3. The spread looks great! I always walk away wishing I had one more photo.... especially when it's food for entertaining. I'm always putting something together right at the end and in a rush to get it on the table that I forget to get pictures or something like that. I filled my own raspberry's 2 nights ago, very easy...what to do with the left over chocolate?