Friday, June 15, 2012

The Melting Pot

Congratulations to Jason, who graduated from his MD/PhD program last month!  After the graduation, we met at the Melting Pot for dinner.  With some trepidation, as we had our kids in tow.  A dinner at The Melting Pot includes a salad and three courses of fondue and is at least a 3 hour affair.  But the Rupp kids and a few friends were there as well, so we hoped they would keep each other entertained.

We had a great time.  Great company and good food!
The first course was awesome.  Bread with three types of cheese dip.  Skewers in the hands of a two year old, three year old and five year old in close proximity to each other added a new dimension of excitement, but no one came away with a permanent injury.

Course #2 was significantly less entertaining for the smaller crowd.  I took them outside to run off some energy and kill time. 

With the help of smart phones and multiple trips to the bathroom (the waitress was very proficient at keeping us stocked with lemonade), we made it through course 2 and the long wait to the promised chocolate course. 

Which was, of course, the best part of the night.  We ate til we could eat no more.  Kitty discovered that there was a grandma in the room (Jason's mom), and Kitty didn't leave her side the rest of the evening. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kitty's last day of school

For Kitty's last day of school, the class put on a little program for parents and had a special snack time.  Three years ago, I missed Boo's program when she was in the 2's class because I was in the hospital trying to not have Kitty 10 weeks too soon. I was glad to be there this time around.

Here she is, not participating in the program.  :)  My mom says Boo didn't participate in hers either.

She was, however, very into the prayer before snack.
She had such an excellent experience this year and wonderful teachers.  We will miss them and are already looking forward to next year.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Something is missing...

Tuesday, March 27th.

Boo was eating apple slices for snack at preschool, and out came her first loose tooth.  I think she didn't know what it was, so she brushed it off the table.  It had clicked by the time I came to pick her up (her gymnastics teacher noticed right away that it was missing), so we went back to the classroom to try and find it.  I was pretty sure it was gone, but one of the teachers helped us and we found it right away.  The office secretary heard us talking about it and ran out with a little tooth treasure box for Boo to keep her tooth in.

Boo wanted to keep her tooth, so she wrote a sweet note to the tooth fairy asking if she could please keep her tooth and left it under her pillow with the tooth.  The tooth fairy is nice like that, so Boo had cash and a tooth in the morning.

At the end of May, she lost her second tooth.  Eating, again.  This time it was just a sandwich.  Lucky for everyone she felt it come out and I only had to pull it off her tongue.  No swallowed tooth.

No adult teeth coming in yet, but both top teeth are loose and some side ones as well.