Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chinese New Year

We had a great Chinese New Year celebration earlier this month.

I found a great book by Karen Katz: My First Chinese New Year. It was short and cute, and the girls loved it.

On our celebration day, we swept out the old year.

We wore red and put out oranges for good luck in the coming year.
We made our own red decorations.
And remembered our ancestors.
Any celebration wouldn't be complete without food.

I spent plenty of time online, looking for the perfect Chinese recipes. Were they authentic? I don't know. But they were oh so good.

Emeril's egg rolls - Loved that I could bake them and not fry them. I left out the meat and bean sprouts. You can find egg roll wraps in the produce section, they are usually by the tofu.

Chow mein - This was really really good. Although looking back at it now, I had to leave out/change a lot depending on what I had. I used thin spaghetti instead of Chinese noodles. And I left out the oyster sauce, pork and shrimp. Even if you don't have the specialty ingredients, it still makes a wicked good chow mein.

Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp - Has anything from Pioneer Woman let you down? I didn't think so. I might have a crush on Pastor Ryan. This was so good.

Orange Chicken - Okay, so I didn't make the orange chicken for our celebration, but we had it recently, and it was amazing.


  1. I started making egg drop soup for Chinese New Year years ago. It is fun and the kids can help.

  2. YUM - Now I am dying to try these recipes!

  3. You're so fun! Every year I think I'm going to plan a Chinese new year of Cinco de Mayo party because there are such fun foods involved. And every year those days sneak up on me and I think, "Well, I'll do it next year." I've been looking for some good chinese recipes, so I will try these.