Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire Debates on ABC

I'm watching the back-to-back Republican and Democratic debates on ABC. It has been interesting. I have not chosen a candidate yet, although since Indiana's primary is in May, it may hardly matter by that point. I was really into the politics of the upcoming election about four months ago, but I got sick of it and quit paying attention. So now I am a little out of the loop. This is my first foray into political commentary, but here is my take on these guys.

First, these guys gotta get a new jab to hit Romney with. I am sick sick sick of hearing the same joke. Is that the only thing you don't like about him? There must be something else you can jab him with.

As much as I hate to admit it, Romney is sounding pretty smart. He's getting a lot of time to talk. I also have been impressed with Guiliani's comments. Ron Paul - where did this guy come from? He's nuts. I am really disliking Huckabee, but I'm not sure why. I'll think about that and get back to you.

I like Romney (again, hate to admit it) as well as Guiliani because they have already been 'managers' of something as governor. Does being a Senator really prepare a person for leading? It's such a different job type.

What are your thoughts on the Republican candidates?

Ah, the Democrats are here. I am opposed to Hilary Clinton. I don't like her. I think we need to get away from this Washington dynasty of the Bush family and the Clinton family. If Hilary wins and is in for two terms, that will be nearly 30 years of the country being led by either a Bush or a Clinton. Again, don't like that.

Ooo, Obama and Edwards just ganged up on Clinton and now she is spitting mad. Obama sounds smart. And I like Edwards' passion for those in poverty in our country. Now what do you think about the Democratic candidates?

So the political pundits are saying that the New Hampshire primary is vital to Romney's campaign - if he doesn't win there, his campaign will be on life support. Does anyone know why this is? He took Wyoming, he came in second in Iowa, the guy you won in Iowa is expected to come in 6th in NH, and they guy expected to win in NH came in 6th in Iowa. Doesn't 2 second place finishings count for a lot? Maybe a stupid question, but there it is.


  1. Great post, totally share your frustration. Question: why you "hate to admit" you like mitt? So what's your take on him?
    Here's my reply to your post:
    -Ron Paul = Liar, looser, but most of all ignorant.
    -Huckabee = won in the only state he could really win, won't go far. Smooth talking but no facts.
    -Giuliani = great experience backed up by facts. Likable. However, very double standard on changing opinions according to who he's talking to. But I think he could be a final candidate. He's a yellow, america wants a yellow.
    -Mitt = Like giuliani very strong candidate. However, only candidate with unbeatable proven record. More of a presidential candidate he's the one that can pick the right team. The guy is really smart. NH is the neighboring state to Mass. People know him well there, know he gets things done while in term. I think he'll do well there.
    -Clinton = america will never elect her. And take it from an international: the world is not ready to have a woman for president in America. Maybe one day, but certainly not now. Plus she's a red, and in the history of this country nothing but yellows have been elected by its people.
    -Obama = smooth talker. He can sell. Finally getting some personal confidence, it's about time. Needs new cards. Good for him he's got Oprah. Possible candidate of the democrats... for right now.
    -Edwards = the comic of politics. Uses the old time classic card of middle low class interests... that's how you win elections. Only problem is: he can't sell it. He'll never be president. I guess he's got nothing better to do with all of that money.

    I think you are right... enough of clintons and bushes. Let's get some fresh air.

  2. I agree with Matt. LOVE Romney, most everything about him. Have not been super impressed by Rudy lately. Hate McCain, Huckabee is ridiculous fluff, with no content, scary thought to have him in office. Somehow it's ok for him to play to his religion??? Ron Paul is a creepy little OB/GYN-which makes it worse! Like ultra conservative Fred Thompson. Hate all the demos. Scary scary day if they get elected! Obama is the best if I HAD to choose! And PS I don't think that Mitt is down and out. It has to be him!!!:)

  3. Why do you hate to admit that you like Romney? Is it like when people hate to admit that they keep a bag of little smokies under their pillow in case they get hungry during the night? Or is that just me?

  4. Chris I think that is something most people do:)

  5. It's been awhile since this debate but I have not checked your blog for awhile. So, here goes, two weeks later.:)

    Nice post. We have been following every debate, every article. We saw that Elder Ballard told the BYU-Hawaii graduates to join the conversation on the Church and we decided to start being more informed and involved and it has been very interesting.

    I think that while Giuiliani may have some background in leadership he is unethical, immoral and untrustworthy. He made so many blunders before 9-11 that cost so many lives. I would never want him in the white house.

    Ron Paul is crazy.

    McCain is not a leader of anything besides his Navy. His campaign went bankrupt in the middle of running for president! He has no business being in charge of anything, let alone our nation. He also is not a conservative, why is he running as one?

    Huckabee is running for American Pastor, not President. Maybe he deserves that first title, but certainly not the second. He, like Guiliani, is unethical. He raised taxes like it was going out of style. He had good excuses, but a good leader should be able to accomplish things without taking every last penny from his constituents.

    Mitt Romney has experience, he has ethics, he has values, he is a person of change (proven time and time again by his professional life as a business man who turned around and saved many well-known businesses such as Domino's Pizza...), and he has experienced intense situations and come out VERY much on top! He is the guy for the job. No doubt about it. He is the leader in Republican delegates right now! There is no way he is out of the race or will be anytime soon. The media is simply trying to force their agenda. They want McCain to win so that a Democrat will take the white house. There is not a chance he can beat them.

    I do not like Clinton - we have had enough of that family as you said.

    Edwards has no credentials, nothing to recommend him for such a position.

    If Mitt Romney does not get the Republican nomination, I hope that Obama gets it. He is the only Democrat I would vote for. I do not agree with anything that the Democrats are fighting for though. We should NOT yank the troops out of Iraq. We should NOT tax our people more than we are.

    Anyway, there are my thoughts. phew! I will be a little relieved when this mess is settled, but it is exciting to watch how things go.