Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When I start reading a series, I can't stop until I have finished it. I have finished reading the third book in the Twilight series, Eclipse. I have mixed feelings on this book. There was a lot more on the Cullens in this book, and they are my favorites. I enjoyed that. But Bella is such a silly girl and Jacob is a silly boy. I liked the plot, but I was somewhat bored by all the dialog, and I thought there were too many revisitations of the same themes.

I wonder if Bella isn't some mythical creature as well. Bella mentions at one point how strange it is that she happens to be so involved with not one but two mythical creatures. Maybe she is drawn to them because she is as well. That would explain why she is not affected by Aro, Jane and Edward's powers. See, I must like the books at least a little, because I am theorizing about them.

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  1. Interesting theory, Andrea. I like it! I honestly hadn't thought of that, but it will be interesting to find out! I've always wondered about why she isn't affected by the powers, but hadn't come up with a very good theory. So what do you think, will she marry Edward? Will she become a vampire soon? And I'm curious, you said Bella is a silly girl. Can you embellish on that? I think she's a fairly normal girl that a lot of readers relate too. I do think she fell for Edward so fast, but teenagers do that. Any thoughts on those subjects??