Sunday, January 31, 2010

New bread recipe

My sister-in-law loaned me her mixer for awhile...and I don't think I can ever go back to being mixer-less. I've celebrated with a lot of chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and this week I made whole wheat bread with a mixer. It was SO EASY and so much better than the whole wheat 90 minute bread. I didn't even have to use gluten or dough enhancer.

My mixer isn't big enough for a whole batch, and I don't have that many bread pans anyway. But the recipe halves very nicely.
Here's a pic from Safely Gathered In. Doesn't it make you want to run to your kitchen and make some??


  1. I love to make whole wheat bread, but Richard still won't eat it. White bread in the bread machine now, I can smell it.

  2. Hooray! I found your blog. Cute pics all the way down. Love the girls jersey's too. I think I'm going to get brave and try the bread recipe. I'm a sucker for warm, homemade bread. YUM!
    PS: so now that you've had time to let is soak in...what did you think about Avatar? I'm still trying to decide. We had a great time with you guys. Let's do it again!

  3. YES!! There is nothing like homemade bread, warm from the oven with butter (or even your favorite artery-friendly butter substitute) and honey (preferably slightly crystalized). A close second, however, is homemade bread in really cold milk.