Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new Christmas project already!

Lisa linked me to this great new site (well, new to me). And Jamie pointed out this fantastic project. I decided to make the girls one for Christmas that will fit over our card table. I will have a nice long time to get it done, and there are so many little things to make for it that I think it will keep my attention. Go visit her blog to see more pictures.

I've already started making some of the leaves and fruit. Hobby Lobby sells small pieces of felt 4 for $1 that are the perfect size for the leaves, fruit and flowers. Felt is so much fun.

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  1. I am in love! I went to this blog and somewhere (on her blog? or maybe someone else's?) this project in which someone took a old entertainment center and turned into a play kitchen - honestly it was so I am scouring craiglist and Goodwill for a entertainment center (hopefully for under 10 bucks!)