Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Day.

Boo had two things on her Christmas list: sparkly princess stickers and candy. While we didn't come through with the candy (we meant to, just never got around to it), I found her (so I thought) the cutest sparkly princess stickers. When she pulled them out of her stocking, she hung her head and a little tear dripped down and she cried that they were, in fact, not the right princess sparkly stickers (i.e., not the ones she had seen at Target). But she got over that soon enough and enjoyed them all the same.

My brother sent Boo a Disney Princess Chutes and Ladders game. It is darn cute, and it's fun to teach her to play board games. She can follow the rules, but usually gets tired of the game before we make it to the castle at the end. Soon all the princesses are out of the box sliding down slides and climbing ladders willy-nilly.

Kitty had a ball with the wrapping paper and her new toys (which mostly were Boo's old toys that I just wrapped up...clever, no?). My mom sent her the cutest cloth books.

The aftermath.
Immediately after Christmas and New Years, Boo was talking about Halloween. We started talking about Valentine's Day...and now not a day goes by that she doesn't bring up the "Valentines Day party that all my friends are coming to. And we're going to dance and eat strawberries." Whaaaaaat??


  1. re-wrapping old toys for Christmas: genius! You're little princesses look like they really enjoyed themselves :)

  2. What is it about Halloween??? Isaac did the same thing. That's all I heard about! Valentines, thats a closer one to focus on!
    I love the bumbo! You will have to email me and tell me what you think and the age you started using it. Brett wants one so bad for our baby ... 2 months? Let me know, I would love to know what you think!

  3. Clever . . . Yes! I can't tell which girl is the cutest, so you'll have to keep putting up pictures so we can keep trying.

  4. Very cute and clever. I gave the little tykes slide to 3 kids. Great idea.