Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing like a three year old

So last night we had a family talk about using nice words to each other (prompted by a day of "STOP SCREAMING KITTY!" from Boo). Then we practiced. I said some nice things, then it was Boo's turn. She turned to Kitty and said, "Kitty, if you keep crying like that, Mom's going to put you straight to bed!" followed by, "Kitty, the next time you go to the doctor, you are going to get shots and they are going to HURT!"

Well. We had a rough day. Kitty had gotten her shots that morning and had been especially loud. Still, I think I need to evaluate my teaching skills.

Boo has also been especially creative lately. Sunday morning I was so tired, so I took a little nap while Kitty slept and Boo was "watching" something. I woke up to a markered loft wall. I stood there staring, slack-jawed, and Boo patiently explained that it was the water spout for the itsy bitsy spider. Was it ever.

And because I didn't learn my lesson....today she drew a beautiful marker picture on my laptop wrist pad.


  1. I used to say, "We only write on paper" I said it about 1 million times. You might try the end of a newspaper roll to give her a nice big place to write on.

  2. We had that lesson for FHE too!

    we used page 8 and 9 from January's "Friend". My favorite part was my kids INability to self evaluate. We took the quiz and either they didn't understand that they were suppose to answer the questions as they DO and not as they SHOULD OR they really think they make the right choices.

    I still have artwork on a wall (it's been over a year) and for some reason, the magic eraser has never made it up there.

  3. The Threes are definitely harder than the Twos. I've always said whoever came up with "The terrible twos" never met a three year old! All of my kids went through the coloring on the walls stage. I never could figure out why it was so appealing with all the neat coloring books they had!

  4. I agree with Lisa...I have said "We only write or draw on the paper" umpteen million times! Also with having the 4 kids, we make markers/crayons/pens a "structured" activity! That way, we don't end up with them all over the house or with writing on the walls or furniture! Have fun getting the water spout off the wall...what a big imagination! =)

  5. Speaking of teaching skills, have you heard the one about the two little boys & the Cheerios???