Monday, February 1, 2010

Garlic Butter Dream

So this one day I needed some garlic butter for my baguette and found this recipe. It was really good. Really good. And I had some left over.

The next day I needed to make something for dinner, so I got out some chicken breasts, butterflied them, slathered on my leftover garlic butter, cooked them up, and served them with a romaine salad. Seriously good.

I made some more for another baguette day, and again had leftovers. This time I used it to sautee up some more leftovers: shrimp, zucchini, and mushrooms. To. Die. For.

There was just a tad left, so I melted it and dipped in some bread and leftover Kroger rotisserie chicken. I could eat that everyday.

You know you've found a keeper when you can do four different things with it.


  1. you know I am from the Garlic capital of the world. Ever year that have a garlic cook off at the garlic festival. OOOOH my mouth is watering and missing good Gilroy Garlic food.

  2. This garlic butter is awesome! It has made the "crack" food list because of its addictive properties. Props for posting this.