Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Boo wasn't sure that it ever would come, but Valentine's finally arrived.

She loved preparing her class Valentines because there were two sheets of princess tattoos to put in each Valentine. There were plenty left over, so J put a couple on Boo and oh, how she loved it. She took advantage of a distracted mom later that day and put four more tattoos on her body, including two on her face. I can't say that I was happy about the fact that she had tattoos all over her body, but I was conflictedly proud that she figured out how to put them on herself. Really, shouldn't "ability to tattoo oneself at age three" be some sort of indication of how smart she is?

It turned out that her school was closed the day of the class Valentine's party due to snow. That was really sad. So we stayed in and made heart sugar cookies. I bought several little bottles of sprinkles a few days before, and she carried them with her everywhere, so she would be READY. So heart cookies were a hit. And were they the best textured sugar cookies ever? Oh yes they were!

The Friday before V-Day we hosted some friends at our house for a Valentine's party. The kids had so much fun playing, eating heart shaped PBJ and raspberries, and of course having a Hershey's Kiss Hunt.
The kids even traded Valentines, which was as cute as could be.
Boo had her V-Day party at school the next week, and I cannot believe the loot she came home with. It was like Halloween again. And then I felt like a slacker, because the only thing Boo's friends got from her was a princess tattoo. And I can imagine how excited the boys were about that.


  1. Brooks came home with tatoos too. He said that he loved me so much that I needed a tatoo too. Of course he gave me the Princess and the frog tatoo.

  2. Valentines day is so much fun for the pre-schooler. I think they really understand what love is all about! That would be candy and tattoos.