Friday, April 18, 2008


If you haven't heard it before, check out "Philadelphia Chickens" by Sandra Boynton. Listen to track 13, "Busybusybusy". That has been our theme song for the last two weeks, and why I have neglected my blogging. For about 4 reasons:

1. Snot - Boo has had a cold and I have had allergies, so we have seen an obscene amount of snot around here. I feel like I spend most of my day wiping someone's nose, or wiping gunk out of Boo's hair. Ugh.

2. Sheets - I have been buying fabric and making Pack N Play sheets like crazy to have a new batch to take over to Growing Spurts. I was not expecting her to sell the first batch so quickly, so I had to get busy. I know I've said it here before, but I love fabric.

3. Singing - I got a new job at church! Now I do singing time with the kids. My first week was last Sunday. I think it will be fun, but I have never done it before so I am spending a lot of prep time making visuals for the new songs I'm teaching and learning the songs myself. They are learning a really pretty song called "If The Savior Stood Beside Me". If you haven't heard it, you should take a listen. Click on the MP3 icon under Words and Music.

4. SPRING! - My favorite reason for being busy. We have had gorgeous weather this week and part of last week. We have been to the zoo twice, where the daffodils are in full bloom. We walked to the library and the neighborhood park today - I wish I could have bottled up the neighborhood to post - it smelled so good, was warm with a little breeze, and beautiful popcorn trees in everyone's yard.

We spent three hours at the park yesterday - it was so nice! Boo could slide all day. She had one incident - she was walking towards the steps to the slide and a little girl ran up behind her and shoved Boo right into the dirt. Poor kid had dirt in her mouth, scraped up nose and cheek, and wasn't sure what had just happened. But mostly it was fun. Here are a few pictures.


  1. In our ward the Primary makes a CD of the songs for the Sacrament meeting presentation for each family. We have ours in the CD player in the kitchen and I turn it on at every meal. Then I tapes it for the radios in their rooms. It is so cute to hear them singing along. If the Savior stood beside me is the first song so they know that one really well. Good luck on your new calling and on all the snot. We have that here, too.

  2. We just did that song this last Sunday. The lady who taught it (one of the presidency) knows sign language, and she uses that when she teaches songs to the kids. I was impressed at how the sign language seemed to help the kids concentrate. Most of them tried to do the signs along with her as well as the words. It was cool. And I love the song. My husband just wants to know why they have to learn new songs every year instead of singing the same ones all the time. Lol. He's never done primary before. Good luck with that calling.

    And congrats on selling so many sheets. That's so cool.

  3. I love that song. I told Richie that it always makes me cry and he rolled his eyes and said Sister Hendrikson is always crying. I was the Primary Chorister for about 10 years. I love that job!

  4. i got the philadelphia chickens at my baby shower!! it rocks!! my mom calls it "what all th cool kids have on their ipods" :-)