Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House Plants

I want to get some house plants, but I have never had them before. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I'm thinking small plants that can go on high shelves, unreachable by toddlers.


  1. spider plants (I don't know the scientific name-sorry) but I know that of all the house plants I've tried, this is the ONLY one to survive. They are incredibly resilient (they can withstand a toddler breaking off leaves) They also do well in low light or indoor light-They do extremely well with florescent lighting. Finally it produces shoots that can be cut off, placed in water to sprout and replanted in the same pot. This allows your plant to get really full and beautiful. You can also share your sprouts with other plants in your home or give them away to friends. I heart Spider Plants!


  2. You should talk to Elizabeth. She took a class in college and learned all about plants. We have pictures from a plant we had that grew arms and wore sunglasses. Weird!

  3. My advice...don't kill em, go fake. Everything I touch dies (including my cute cactus). And those big silk ivy plants can go up high and you don't have to worry about watering them. To dust them, all you have to do is take them outside every year (or 6 months if you are really ambitious ) and hose them off.