Saturday, April 19, 2008

Swan Lake on toe steroids

If you've not seen this video yet, you've gotta see this. The frogs at the beginning are cute, but wait til you get to the man and woman. Besides being made of flexi-bone, you would not believe the places this woman goes on point and then turns on point. Thanks to Anne for sending me this link!


  1. Holy cow! That is truly amazing. Where in the world did you hear about them? I am not sure a person is supposed to be able to bend like that. (=

  2. That is insane! I'll bet that guy has bruises on his head! I thought her spinning on his shoulder was the craziest part. Wowza!

    Hey, how did you get your sheets in that store? Are you selling them to the store and then the store sells them, or are they selling them for you and keeping a percentage? Can you email me and explain it all to me?