Sunday, April 6, 2008


Ashley (over at The Comeau Clan) was here visiting this weekend with Rees. We missed Benjy, who had to stay home to work, but it was great to see Ashley and Rees. It was the first time we have seen Rees, and we had so much fun. Boo was pretty tolerant of me holding another baby, and after she got used to him, was very sweet...
she lavished him with kisses....

...hugged him tight...

...and pointed out his nose, and thankfully didn't poke out his eyes.
Did I mention that Rees was very tolerant of Boo?

Here are three of the cousins. Vincent is missing, he's not into having his picture taken. I love the identical looks of Boo and Gabe. And Boo took possession of poor Rees' blanket.


  1. Oh cute! It looks like you guys had fun. Gabe totally looks live Vincent in this picture I think. That's so cute that Brooke is kissing and hugging Rees. What a sweetheart! One of these days we'll have to get all the cousins together so they can kiss each other and poke each others eyes out! : )
    -Bethany Hawkley

  2. Hey, one of those kids belongs to me! That is still weird to think about. In the pics where Rees' hair is a little red, he and Brooke definitely look like cousins!