Saturday, April 26, 2008

Arbor Day

Do Arbor Day and Earth Day always fall in the same week? A lot of talk this week of going green and planting trees. We got awesome coupons from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, so last night we got two red maples from Home Depot - one Autumn Blaze and one October Glory. We've been trying to get some trees growing along our side yard for almost two years. Just after Boo was born we planted four maples. How nice, I thought, the trees and Boo can grow together. But by the time spring came around, all four trees were dead. But three new saplings sprang up over the summer in place of our dead trees. These will be hardy little trees, we thought. And they were - they survived this last winter and were budding this month. But then there was an incident with mowing the lawn in the dark that took out two of the saplings. *Sigh*

So today was a great day for yard work. Despite a lot of wind and cooler temps, I mowed the lawn (in the daylight) and we planted our new trees. Boo was a lot of help.
She swept the sidewalk for us.

And patted the dirt around the trees.

All with her bag Chex and her book in tow.

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  1. Yeah for trees! Maples are beautiful but slow growers. And I can't imagine a better way to plant a tree than with a book and Chex in tow. I think you have one smart girl on your hands. (=