Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last Sunday of the year

Today at church Boo discovered the joy of drinking water out of her sippy cup and then spitting it back out. And of sticking her tongue out and making a really loud buzzing sound. I guess church, where your play is limited, is a prime place to make new discoveries like that. She enjoyed handing all her books and toys over the bench to the little boy sitting in front of us. He was delighted. I heaved a sigh of relief that she was not using her usual method of disposing of boring toys by chucking them at poor Molly's head. Towards the end I smelled something...bad day to forget the wipes. Lucky I have Anne to bail me out. She is superwoman. Boo and I hung out in nursery with Cannon today. The babies...I mean toddlers...loved singing time. Boo got really into the speckled frog song.


  1. Glad to see you got your house cleaned up and that you're ungrounded from blogging! It was great to hear about your Christmas, sounds like you had a nice one.

    Wondering why I'm up past my 10:00 bedtime? No...well I'll tell you anyway. Hannah and Noah decided to get sick again. I think it's a 24-hour thing this time because Noah's already over it. Hannah, on the other hand, just started this afternoon and even decided to throw up this evening. Toddler throw-up is way different than baby throw-up! And with that...sweet dreams!

  2. Don't you love the things that they discover at church! Tons of fun! Just wait until she starts school it gets even better. (=

  3. That's hilarious, Andrea! Once, towards the end of sacrament meeting, Allie was getting hungry, but I decided to try and make it until the end. Well, during the closing prayer she screamed and yelled and did anything else loud she could think of! Nothing would shush her everyone in the whole chapel could hear her. The second the prayer ended and people started saying amen, she was silent! Gotta love church!