Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I recently finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. A few people had recommended it and most reviews on barnesandnoble.com were very positive. I saw reviews such as: "Best book ever written". "No book will ever live up to this one."

So I was a little disappointed in Twilight. It was certainly interesting young adult fiction, definitely not the best book ever written. I went from interesting to sappy to interesting to predictable. My sister clued me in to Stephanie Meyer's website, and I enjoyed reading the alternate perspectives (Midnight Sun, Miscalculation) much more than the actual book. I guess it wasn't that bad however, because yesterday I picked up the next book, New Moon, from the library.

Unfortunately, New Moon, is pretty bad. The last half of the first chapter was great, but the chapter following was a let down. I'm about halfway through now and it is boring, boring, boring. If I hadn't been sick I think I would have stopped reading it. But at the time it was too much to get up off the couch and get a new book. I did like the four blank month chapters though. I thought that was clever.

Has anyone else read these books? Does New Moon get any better? I really wanted to like them, I need a fantasy replacement for Harry Potter.


  1. Finally! I thought I was the only one in the world that didn't LOVE this series. I read them all. I still don't know how to sum it all up very well. Its confusing (my feelings on the subject ) because I found it "lacking" but I still continued to read. Maybe it is because I wanted, so badly, for it to be a good thing. I like the idea of the story, I like the idea of a BYU grad hitting it big, but it left me wanting something... different. I try to write it off (the letdown) by reminding myself it is young adult fiction...that this is why I don't relate. But Harry Potter (other young adult fiction) rocked! I know I shouldn't even compare it to Harry Potter because that is so unfair...that book's a legend. But, Hmmm...loss of words

  2. Sara, I'm glad you feel the same. You said it great...it was 'lacking'. The idea of good vampires is cool, and I really like the vampire characters, but especially in New Moon (at least so far) they haven't made much of an appearance. I think I will finish New Moon, but not sure if I will go for Eclipse.

  3. LOL...i know a bunch of people who don't like the books. I thought that they were really enjoyable myself, but I did find the second book hard to get through until the end. It does get better. (= Eclipse is still the same but is still a fun read.

  4. I like to hear all of the different opinions.
    I don't know if she put on her site how she came up with the story, but that is a really awesome story.
    Stephenie is my cousin. I admit I haven't read the books like the rest of the family. But hey, I am waiting to watch the movie...call me lazy.

  5. Alright, I hope I don't get shunned. I have to admit.... I LOVED these books. I really thought she did a good job of sucking me in. I couldn't pull myself back in to reality. I also thought New Moon was hard to get through, but I think for different reasons than the rest of you. I had a hard time staying with it because it made me so sad! I almost got depressed because I had such a hard time detaching myself! So there you have it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for teenage romance, or maybe something about the books made me relate more. I do know that I got sucked in by the passion (that wasn't based on physical like so many of them are these days) of their relationship. And, finally, Eclipse was my favorite of the three, so keep reading, Andrea! :)

  6. This comment is for Andrea and Matt! I read your comment, Matt, and totally want to hear the story of how she came up with it. I looked at her website and couldn't see anything like that. Is is posted anywhere else? Or can you tell it? I can't believe she's your cousin! Fun stuff! : ) Or, Andrea, when you read this, can you pass it along to Matt in case he doesn't see it?