Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

I am taking a 2 credit BYU online course to fulfill some of my continuing education credits for my license renewal, so I have been hard at work today reading, taking notes, completing assignments. I am really enjoying taking a class, but I will admit to being a bit bogged down right now with Piaget and his cognitive development levels. ANYWAY, I needed a break, so I read some blogs. For those of you who know Pam and Kim, you MUST check out Pete & Mel's blog (link to the right) and see the vanilla ice video. Classic. This video was from the beach, but there were many, many, many command performances in the kitchen of S-302. Good memories.

Speaking of S-302, I talked to Keith yesterday, currently the only Hall living in CP. He will be celebrating Festivus tomorrow - can't wait to hear how that goes. Em will join him there next month (different apt.). I hope we can keep our Hall streak running for a few more years - someone needs to be there to take care of Burke.

I can't believe I found a picture of Campus Plaza online. The internet is AWESOME. Here is SOUTH COURT. Where Becca beat all the boys at basketball. Where we had CP dances with the grand finale polkas. The basketball standard is covering the big windows of S-302. Oh the big windows. Those big windows could be a blessing (I'm not sure that's what you should call gossip-gathering/spying on cute boys)...or a curse (sometimes you see things you don't want to see). Jeremy lived in the second floor apt. on the very left of the picture, James lived in the corner on the third floor, Sara lived in the next one over. Oh what good memories of CP! Kim, remember when we sat under the table in girl-Jessie's apt and ate three hot dogs each at 2 am? Rach, remember sitting on the bench with Sarah Meehan and thinking up code names? And Dave and the peanut butter song? Remember all the awesome people that lived in CP? I could go on and on with this, I may have to blog about this another time when I am not supposed to be studying. Tell me your CP memories!

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