Friday, December 7, 2007

Not everyone loves the first snow

Wednesday morning we woke up to the first snowfall of the season, about three inches. I was so excited to show Boo the snow. I took her to the window, but only got a few token "wow's" before she wandered off to find something more interesting. Not to be deterred, I dressed her up in coat and hat and took her out after breakfast to play in the snow. She hesitantly stepped into the snow, stomped her feet up and down to test the new feel of snow beneath her feet, and decided she did not like this one bit. She turned and walked right back into the house without looking back. I guess I can't blame her - there was a bitter wind, it really wasn't fun to be outside just then no matter what was on the ground.

I was a little disappointed. No cute video or pictures of the first snow. But last night we got two or three more inches! Another chance! So this afternoon after lunch we went out again. This time being forced to be out in the snow was just tragic. She cried and cried, great big tears rolling down her cheeks. I guess she didn't like the feeling of walking in the snow because she didn't try to walk back to the house, she just stood in the snow, crying. How sad, and yet at the same funny. I couldn't help giggling. I held on to my hope that soon she would be excited to be out in the snow, and proceeded to build a small snowman, with Boo bawling beside me.

I brought out the chocolate chips to make a face for the snowman. Boo brightened up at this. With chocolate involved, suddenly being out in the snow wasn't so bad.

Happy at last!

Oh, and before any of you smarties tell me that the reason why she was crying was because she was sitting in the snow, she didn't sit in the snow until she was happy.


  1. It's so dissapointing when you're looking forward to sharing some great experience with your kids and... surprise! They don't like it.

  2. Haha, that's a great story! It's kind of how I feel about the snow, actually. It started snowing here at the end of September, and I felt like crying... until Trevor got out the Hot Chocolate :)

  3. I totally feel Brooke's pain. I feel like crying when ever I have to go out into the snow too. :) Your snow man is ssooo cute!

  4. What a great story! And don't worry before long she will want to be out there making snow angels, sledding down the hill, building snowmen, and building snow caves. It took my kids several times before I convinced them it would be fun. Your snowman is great and Brooke looks so cute sitting there happy in the snow!