Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday! We had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas. Jer was ill on Christmas Eve, but fortunately was feeling better and able to participate in our festivities on Christmas Day. I was busy Christmas Eve with last minute preparations - I thought I didn't have too many, but they certainly took up the whole day. But I enjoyed it all, as they were all fun Christmas-type errands. Boo went to bed early and Jer and I had a nice Christmas Eve dinner of orange glazed cornish game hens. I thought I would have at least one more year before Boo became too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, but it happened this year. She is usually a sound sleeper for 12 hours at night, but around midnight she popped up and was jabbering and wide awake...must have been listening for Santa!

Christmas morning was so much fun. Boo loved opening her gifts, and as I watched her I kept thinking, "What a GREAT fine motor activity this is...we will have to open gifts at least once a week!"

I will post more on our Christmas activities with some pictures and VIDEOS :) a little later, but for now I am grounding myself from blogging until the house is cleaned and my classes are finished.

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