Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Still blogging about Halloween and Thanksgiving has already passed us by.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with friends. Some highlights:

1. At 9 am, Kitty went down for her nap and Boo decided she was going to 'pretend to take a nap', and got in bed. I cooked in peace for an hour. Awesome.

2. The National Dog Show. That I pretty much slept through.

3. We loved our Whole Foods fresh turkey. And we had some wicked sweet potatoes and spiced almonds.

4. Boo randomly began calling her little friend "Buddy". "Come here, Buddy! Look at this, Buddy! Let's go upstairs, Buddy!"
5. After pie, sugar cookies, frosting, M&Ms and sprinkles, Boo and Buddy lost all control and ran screaming around the house. Seriously. Screaming and running laps through the rooms.
6. We tried family pictures again. FAIL. But I cropped a funny one of Kitty.
7. A great holiday afternoon and evening with friends!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


  1. The National Dog Show? Really? I've always thought so much more of you and J. :)

  2. #5. Laps through the rooms (screaming is optional) is what you tell your kids to do right before you don't want them to "pretend' to sleep.