Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Days 2 and 3

Boo loves to play games, especially match...her version of it. In November, she asked for a Christmas match game. And "what my baby wants, my baby gets." I actually made this last Christmas...and finished it this year. This is the new me that finishes projects.

Anyway. We played this a couple of times and she has since squirreled it away somewhere. Hopefully we'll come across it soon.

Day 3 - We watched a little holiday concert on PBS by Straight No Chaser, our boys from IU.


  1. I like these guys alot. Maybe even more than Peyton Manning.

  2. We love these guys too. We went to youtube and listened to a bunch of their stuff, then looked to see how much downloading some of the songs would be. Very nice.

    Go Colts!