Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adventures in eating

Last week Kitty had her first rice cereal. I'm not sure which she liked better...sitting up at the table with everyone or eating.

Too bad that by the next day she had a raging fever. She was sick all week, by the weekend I was so tired and stressed. It looked like she had a UTI, we spent a miserable morning at the doctor where she was cathed for a urine sample, had blood taken, and got two antibiotic shots. Boo was incredibly good through all the waiting - princess stickers are motivating, no?

But last Monday we got good news. The blood and urine cultures both came back negative - no infection.

By last Tuesday she was much better, so I tried the rice cereal again. Then I went to work and left J with a puking baby. Sheesh. The pediatrician seems to think that the puking was unrelated, but Thursday I tried oatmeal instead. So far so good. Except that now we all have colds.

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  1. What a cutie! What is that thing in her mouth? Looks like a toothbrush. Hope you all get well at the same time for Christmas.