Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent Days....

With Kitty being sick, our advent activities have been sporadic. But here are a couple...

Boo made this marshmallow snowman at her school Christmas party. She loved him and carried him around everywhere. She was supremely disappointed when she woke up one morning and discovered he was "old and yucky".

We've haven't done as much crafting lately as coloring has become the activity of choice. But we did have a great time making this reindeer from a traced foot and hands.


  1. She is so darned cute. Hope you guys all feel better.

  2. You guys really do have beautiful children - and talented. It was interesting to hear of Brooke "squirreling away" that card game -- hmmm. She must have gotten that from her squirrel-bait grandpa; I used to hide stuff all over the house when I was a kid.