Monday, November 30, 2009

Kitty - 5 months old

After a rough month due to vaccinations, return to standard time, teething, and a growth spurt (that girl is an eater), Kitty is 5 months old. Well, 5 1/2 months now. She's about the 70th percentile all the way across.

The Nazgul scream has returned with a vengeance, I think she's got a lot of teeth about to pop through.

She is mobile and interested in anything that is not a toy. One day I cleaned her up from a big blowout, plopped her down surrounded by toys and went to rinse out the mess. When I came back two minutes later, she had rolled across the room, upended the garbage can, ripped out the liner and was happily beating the plastic.

When she's happy, she is irresistible. She's loves to giggle at whatever Boo is doing, and all J has to do is look at her and she dissolves into giggles. She and I have raspberry conversations.


  1. Your little boo is so cute! I love the name you have given the teething scream because that is truly the only way to describe how that particular scream sounds! My little guy is extra talented at it right now. Fun to see your cute kids! Take care, Becky

  2. Nazgul scream -- good one! I think we always called it a velociraptor or pterydactal (sp??) impression...