Monday, October 27, 2008

Last week of October

Apparently my brain is in melt-down mode because I forgot to have Boo wear her fairy tiara, fairy ribbons and fairy wand. Don't worry...more Halloween festivities to come, maybe I will remember to get her completely dressed this time around.

Speaking of not all dressed, we had a near miss yesterday. In my distracted I-hope-I-remember-everything-I-need-to-do-during-the-Primary-program state, Boo almost went to church with no undies. Yikes.

And speaking of the program, big sigh of relief that it is over and went well. The microphones worked, kids sang beautifully and remembered where to stand for their solos (and the words to their solos), and I remembered how to lead the music...most of the time. J even went so far as to say it was excellent.

This week should be low key compared to the rest of October, so I am hoping to get everything back on schedule and in its place. We re-arranged parts of the house this weekend, and I am enjoying the new look. The guest room is looking better than ever, so if you've been putting off that visit to Indiana, now's the time. Most of the re-arranging involved bookcase transfers. Dang I have a lot of books. J once again tried to talk me into getting rid of some books. For the first time EVER, I agreed. And got rid of three books that I really dislike anyway.


  1. Hey now, that's pretty good. I haven't ditched three books in years.

  2. I am impressed with the giving up of books, also congrats on the program, ours is in 3 weeks (due to missionaries coming and going) I am in the same position as you and cannot wait to just have it over. It feels a little easier this year as opposed to last when it was my first as chorister.

  3. Hi Ann! I can't believe how grown up Brooke is! She is so adorable! What a beautiful fairy! Sounds like you're keeping busy as usual. It's great to hear how you're doing I just now got your note from June. Thanks! I'm pretty behind the times on the blogging... Anyway... Love ya!