Thursday, October 2, 2008


After some heavy duty bribing, I got Boo to sit still long enough for a couple of braids. I gooped her pony tails before braiding and they stayed put most of the day.

I took Boo and our little friend Brooks to the mall playground yesterday. I tell ya, it was a confusing morning with Brooks and Boo. But we had a great time. We ran into friends Hannah and Noah, and after we got tired of the mall playground, we walked to Barnes and Noble and played at the train table in the kid section. I never noticed that B&N had stuffed animals, but Boo did. We got back to the kid section and I turned around to find Boo with her arms full of stuffed animals she had lifted from displays along the way. But she discarded the Halloween cats and witches for an armful of Cookie Monsters.

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