Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few pictures from September...

Boo got a package in the mail from Grandma. There were some 'pitty pitty bows' and she had to wear them ALL. And a Care Bear water paint book, the favorite art project these days.

Getting ready to leave for brunch.

Brunch with all the kiddies. Boo rejected the quiche, but was all about the cinnamon rolls.


  1. Hey Andrea! I was in town for the Broadcast Saturday night but you weren't there. We missed you. Looks like you had a fun brunch. How is Jackie and the baby doing? Let her know I'm praying and thinking of her and her family. Brooke is so cute.

  2. Oh, she's so adorable! I love the bows!

  3. weren't at the broadcast?! Something fishy is going on here...

  4. How adorable! It looks like you and Brooke have a lot of fun together! :)