Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr. = Drama

The girls had a well visit with the pediatrician this month.

Immunizations were on the agenda for both girls.

Kitty doesn't absorb much prep, but I talked with Boo about what to expect. She was fine, a little uncertain about shots, but nothing too bad. She just wanted Kitty to go first.

I thought that was a bad idea. I should have listened to myself.

All the weighing, measuring, discussing developmental milestones went well. Boo was more than happy to show the good doctor that she can hop on one foot. Kitty was suspicious of Dr. V., but she managed.

Then the dr. left, the nurses came in, and the drama began.

Kitty took her turn with the immunizations, screaming before she was even touched. By the time Kitty was done, Boo was curled up under the chair in the corner in hysterics. I had to drag her out and hold her down for her turn.

It took awhile before we could even leave the room. When the screaming settled to stifled sobs, Boo told me she didn't like her doctor's office band-aids. But with the promise of trip to Target for new band-aids, we headed out. Boo limped along beside me and Kitty continued to sniffle/hiccup in my arms.

There were no Cinderella princess stickers at the front desk. Boo had to settle for Snow White. Oh, the injustice.

We made it to the car. And there was a bee. In the car.

But since I'm a super hero, I got it out.

And the day got better from there.


  1. I need to scedule something soon to get both boys shots. I am not looking forward to it. I will defintely remember to have Beeper go first. Maybe I can scehdule it for a Friday when Daddy can be there.

  2. I actually like how they do immunizations at the clinic here. The Doctor and nurses work together and everyone who is getting a shot gets all of them at the same time. Nobody has to "go first" and it's all done very quickly. While that takes a few more people in the room to accomplish, everyone is happier with the results. Poor girls! Hope they've recovered from the trauma!!