Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I talked my dad into taking a day trip to Chicago while he was here.
We even conned my grandma into going with us.

Did I mention we went without kids?

Waaaaaaaay fun.

We left early in the morning, got lost in a rather unsavory neighborhood in south Chicago, and still made it to the Museum of Science and Industry 30 minutes before opening. Because my dad has this amazing ability to get unlost, even with a deceptive Garmin.

It just so happened that we went on a free admission day. I was glad when we arrived 30 minutes early, I thought there would already be a line.

But we were the only ones there. Score. The museum was basically deserted all morning.

Our first stop at the MSI was the Science Storms exhibit. We watched a tornado,
an avalanche, and a lightening storm. But this was my favorite part:
Next up was YOU! The Experience. I loved this exhibit.

They had a long, narrow, darkened room exhibiting preserved fetuses at progressive stages of development.
This picture doesn't do it justice. I hesitated before walking through this exhibit. I expected it to be disturbing. But it was fascinating.

My dad and I played mindball. There is a little ball in that plastic tube on the table, and the ball rolls away from the person with the most relaxed brainwaves. I don't want to say that my dad is uptight or anything, but I totally thought I had this in the bag.
But I lost. Big time.

On our way out of the exhibit we looked at our veins. Cool.

Next we went on a flight simulator. Dad was the pilot, I was the gunner. We had a fun little joyride, but didn't do much shooting. Couldn't ever seem to find the enemy because we were too busy doing barrel rolls and dives.
We saw a movie on the Hubble Telescope in the IMAX. It was really interesting, until the very end when the early morning and dark room got the best of me and I took a little snooze.

I had to see the German U-boat before we left.
That is a real German submarine. Captured during WWII.
And here's what I want to know: HOW did they get that thing in the basement of the museum??

Stay tuned for our first round of Chicago food...


  1. I don't know what you were thinking, challenging your dad at a game of relaxation, and THEN thinking that you would win, too. As uptight as he may or may not be, he could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

  2. Keith you are so right, I don't know what I was thinking. Once he closes his eyes, it's all over.

  3. Looks fun, but when I let you take me there, I just want to shop, no museums.