Friday, October 8, 2010

Chicago...Art Institute

After Millennium Park we spent a fair amount of time browsing the Art Institute gift shop. I found a Monet print and Georgia O'Keeffe print for the girls' rooms, and now I'm regretting not getting a few more.

I also found a series of toddler board books of famous art. Each book features an artist and about 10 of his/her famous works of art. Rhyming text accompanies each picture and creates a clever little story. There are several, but my favorites:

I almost put the prints back in favor of the books. But I've put the books at the top of the Christmas list instead.

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  1. these are AWESOME!! I want to get some. There was a free day at our museum the other day and they had books on shapes and numbers in artwork... it was very cool. There are also some books we get from the library about "how artists see trains" and "how artists see horses" and it's all these different pieces of the same subject... let me just say my little boy LOVES the one about trains. Makes me feel good he's looking at O'Keefe and Picasso trains. I'm really into this cultural thing right now and I think we totally need some of these for Christmas. PS amazon and eBay are where I get all my books! even though it would be fancier to get them in the gift shop... my pocketbook thanks me.