Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Boo and I seem to be on the road to recovery from the winter blahs. It's slightly less cold, some days the temperatures even creep up into the 20's or (gasp) the 30's. The two of us have even had some nice outings lately. Most of our winter shopping trips ended in disaster, with Boo either crumpled in a heap on the store floor, or trying to throw herself and the groceries out of the cart. For awhile I made J do the shopping (no one was happy with that arrangement), and then I started shopping while she was in school.

But we had a nice trip last week when we shopped for some new bathroom rugs (I know, you wish you had my exciting life). Then we went to Bath and Body Works, and we smelled all the lotions and picked out some new chapstick. A few days ago we took another girly trip...to the fabric store. Oh, how she loves bolts of fabric. She stood guard over the bolts of fabric in the cart, and made sure I didn't take anything out once I had put it in. She picked a few bolts out herself, and was partial to anything pink. She was downright chatty with the lady at the cutting counter - told her all about the blanket for the new baby, about watching Sesame Street with Cannon, what color her new room would be, showed her the fabric that matched her jacket, and showed off her two braids. She is ENORMOUSLY proud of her braids.

I'm also working on recovering my etsy shop, now that it looks like the cpsia law will at least take a little longer to go into effect...and now that I've found some cute baby girl fabric. There is nothing up now, but I hope to have a few things up by the end of the week.


  1. Reading your blog makes me happy that someone else is doing all of those things so that I don't have too! Let me know if you need Boo to come over and play while you finish up projects. That I can do.

  2. Those braids are adorable! Someday I will be able to put braids in my girls' hair. Isn't nesting fun?!