Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cleaning out the closet

We're elbow deep in rearranging rooms and closets. Someday I will have closets that look like this. It's my Martha Stewart Dream. I've already decided that spring cleaning will be fall cleaning this year. That thought makes me happy.

So that just leaves the organizing to do. J made me go through my big Rubbermaid tub of college binders last weekend. All my notes and tests from undergrad and grad school. All neatly organized in enormous binders. I was under strict instructions to PARE DOWN. Oh, it was hard. All those years of work. I never look at those notes, certainly most undergrad notes are now outdated. There is no reason to keep them. So I was ruthless. So I thought. But the 'bare minimum' I thought I was keeping still filled up three 2" binders. Sometimes I think I need hoarder therapy. Certainly J thinks so.


  1. I'm a SO there with you. I tend to be sucha hoarder as well. I think the best therapy for me has been us moving so much. It literally MADE me get rid of things I normally would have kept for a "What-If-We-Move-Into-This-Type" of home or a "what-if-I-finally settle-and-build" my own home... It's SO HARD!! Your brave for even attempting to get down to the nitty gritty!!.. :) lol

  2. Throwing away Judkins notes, my 25 observation hour log and my LSAC application material was the hardest thing for me to get rid of. It was a flag for a period of my life more than it was for pertinent information. But I just had to let go, for me it was time to move on.