Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gymnastics class

On Saturday, Boo's preschool had an activity at a local gymnastics club. It was for all the preschool classes, but most of the kids there were quite a bit older than Boo. She hesitantly went out to the floor mat with all the kids to 'warm up'. Then they blared some hip-hop and she burst into tears and ran to J in hysterics. Once they finished warming up and turned off the music, she calmed down, but wasn't into doing the group thing. The teachers were very flexible and let her jump on the trampoline while the rest of the group did the first activity. That was all she needed - we were able to sit on the bleachers with the rest of the parents and she jumped. And jumped. And jumped. Until the group moved to the trampoline. She wasn't quite ready to join the group yet, so she ran over to where she could see us, gave us a big smile and wave, and then ran back. She selected the part of the activity that looked the most fun...climbing up a sloped ladder, jumping off a cushion, and crawling through a tunnel. One of the teachers was so sweet and helped her get up the ladder and showed her how to get through the tunnel.
Then she ran around to the beginning of the ladder. crouched down and waited for him to come back and help her get up the ladder.
That sweet man must have helped her up the ladder 20 time before J finally went out and told Boo that she could do it herself.
The activity was 90 minutes, and for once in her life, Boo was TIRED.

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  1. I think it's funny how even some of the most secure kids can get insecure around other kids.