Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ty

Boo has been obsessed with birthdays and cupcakes lately. It started in February when we went to Kroger's and she noticed the cupcakes. I told her she could have cupcakes for her birthday. Silly me, her birthday is six months away. So we have a looong time to talk about it. Because she doesn't forget things anymore.

Then her preschool class celebrated a couple of birthdays, and it's been all down hill from there. Every night in her prayers she says "Bless cupcakes". And every day we talk how she will have cupcakes for her birthday, and about whose birthdays have to come before hers.

This weekend we knocked one of the list when we went to Becca and Jeff''s to celebrate Ty's first birthday. Becca made a cute puppy cake. Can you imagine? Cake in the shape of a puppy. Boo was in heaven. And Becca had dark chocolate sauce for the ice cream, so I was in heaven too.
Ty thoroughly enjoyed his cake and frosting. I couldn't help but remember Boo's first birthday. I made her a chocolate cake, and was really looking forward to a great picture like this one. I gave her a small piece, she poked it with a finger, picked at it with two fingers, licked it off her finger, and then threw it on the floor. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHOSE KID IS SHE? Well, now I know that she does love chocolate and cake, she was just waiting until she could eat it without making a mess.


  1. Thank you Andrea. That's all I can say, just thanks. I'd say more, but I can't stop laughing. This is one great post!

  2. I thought Boo wasn't a fan of cake?


  3. Don't you just love how they remember everything you tell them! Haley's the same way... So has Boo already decided what she wants the cupcakes to look like and everything?