Monday, March 30, 2009


This week at school Boo learned about rain, so it seemed like a good time to do this marshmallow rainbow craft.

It was a hit. I drew the rainbow and Boo chose where the colors would go.

She glued most of the marshmallows on before she realized that she could eat them too. It was a great sorting activity and we ended up doing a lot of counting too. We also talked about 'soft', and how things feel different. After she glued on the marshmallows, I wrote "Boo" and "Rainbow" on the paper and she learned which word was which.

My cousin did this same craft, only she used Fruit Loops.

As a side note, I was on the phone this morning when Boo finished breakfast, so she took herself upstairs and got dressed. She came downstairs proud as could be...khaki skirt, pink sweatshirt, red socks pulled up to the knees, and white sandals.


  1. so sweet! I love that you take the time to do these things with her. :D

  2. you are 100% an amazing mom. I need to make an idea file and um, print every blog post you do and put it in the file. wowsers!

  3. Hi Andrea! This is totally random--I saw this article and thought of you...wondered if you went to help set the record? (it said that children and grandchildren came back to participate!)
    Sarah (Meehan) Glenn

  4. She is such a cutie!! Andrea, she looks just like you!! You seem to be busy the last little bit, I've been horrible at checking... What a fun and healthy obsession she has with birthday cupcakes... so classic; Lilly loves singing "happy birthday to you" (it's some sort of noggin song she saw one day on tv.. sucha little nut.) She would have so much fun with my girls... sure wish you were closer!!