Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raspberry Sparkler

I'm not big drinker of anything but water.

An occasional lemonade in the summer.

A really good root beer on the Fourth.

A Mountain Dew when I've got a migraine.

But some people in my house live for the holidays when there is sparkling juice in abundance. (And egg nog, but that's another post.)

But the other week, we figured out how to make our very own sparkling juice.

Sparkling Juice

2 liter bottle of sparkling WATER (It's with the bottled water in the grocery store, and it only costs about seventy-five cents. And when you are driving home from the grocery store, don't let it roll under your seat because it just might puncture and then you'll have a mess on your hands).

1 can of frozen 100% juice concentrate (don't let me catch you buying juice cocktail).

Mix them up and you've got a tasty drink.

In the picture above, I used raspberry-white grape juice and popped a few frozen raspberries in the glasses before I poured the drink.


  1. I think you mean a 2 liter bottle of sparkling water, not juice, right?

  2. Thanks for catching that, Dad. I do indeed mean water. I fixed it.

  3. Nothing like a summer cocktail to liven any party. I will have to give this a try.


  4. sounds yummy! I love sparkling juice! Thanks for the idea. :)