Monday, October 12, 2009

The Power of Children

"The Power of Children Gallery at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis takes visitors on a journey through the lives of three children who faced profound trials and emerged as heroes of the 20th century. The stories of Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White exemplify for children and adults how every individual can make a difference."

I took advantage of having my parents with me at the museum and walked through The Power of Children exhibit while the kids were at playscape. I missed all the live re-enactments, someday I'll get back to see those. The exhibit was very moving.

I visited Ruby Bridges first. I have been fascinated with this story since a teacher introduced me to this book.

Next was Anne Frank. There was a display of a concentration camp uniform, along with a video showing interview footage from a woman who knew Anne and Margot in the concentration camp. She described that last time she talked with Anne, and what she likely died of. Only weeks before the camp was liberated. It was chilling.

Speaking of Anne Frank, have you seen Freedom Writers? I didn't care for the movie, but in the course of the movie, this English class raises money to bring Miep Gies over for a lecture. It wasn't the real Miep in the movie, but did you know that she is still alive? And 100 years old.

Last was Ryan White.

I remember watching his story on the news years ago, and was especially interested in his story when I found out that he lived just north of here, in Kokomo. In this display, you sit in "his bedroom", and watch a film about his fight with the school system and with AIDS. Seriously sad.

I rarely see kids in this exhibit, but I am so glad that they have it.


  1. I went through this exhibit a few weeks ago. It was so sad, but I loved how there were stations where kids could write down what they could do to make a difference for good in the world.

  2. I had a chance to sneak in here once to and thought it was very moving. I loved the Anne Frank one. Oh, and I liked the Freedom Writers movie. We also just recently bought the book, can't wait to read it. Have you?