Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Resistant bacteria and advanced directives

The clinic that I work for was recently sold to a hospital network. For the most part I think it will be a good change, once we get used to all the changes in procedure and paperwork (March?? April??). We all had to go to a two day training this week, geared towards new employees of this network. Now I have had a lot of different jobs, and attended a lot of new hire orientations. This one was the biggest snore of them all. At one point we were being instructed on how to access the website, with a majority of the instruction being how to open up Internet Explorer. But I did get a free lunch.

Fortunately today was better...and shorter. Although the discussions on resistant bacteria and hand-washing were NOT good for my paranoia and OCD. We did have a good discussion on advanced directives. If you do not have documents indicating your preference for resuscitation, artificial hydration/nutrition, and power of attorney, should you become unable to make these decisions for yourself, it is absolutely worthwhile to take the time to fill out the necessary forms. Laws regarding these forms vary between states, so talk to your doctor or attorney. Put the forms in a safe place, give copies to close family members, make sure they know what you want. It's not a pleasant thing to contemplate, but will save your family a lot of suffering and indecision. Check with your parents to see if they have completed these forms and where the documents are kept.


  1. Good to know - thanks for sharing!

  2. So Germaphobes and OCDer's...Whats the deal exactly. I get the basics, clean hands and such stop the spread of bacteria but the need to keep everything sparkly...is that a germ issue or just an organization issue? If it's a germ issue...do you think it works? :)