Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking Up

Once again we have celebrated the first of the year with illness. Last year Boo and I both came down with the worst colds ever on New Year's Day, and were out of commission for two weeks.

This year we got to the 3rd before Boo started with the croup.

J and I made it til the 10th before the stomach flu hit.

The worst stomach flu I've ever had. In my life.

But at least I didn't throw up on the computer.

And now things are starting to look up.

Here's to a new year where I finish projects that I start, get back to running, blog a lot, and have more fun with the Boo-Baby.


  1. Andrea -
    I totally know how you feel! Lucy and Rob had awful stomach flu the week before christmas, I got it on Christmas Eve, a week later Grant got croup (really really bad - it was awful) and they both had ear infections a week after that! I am glad you guys are feeling better now - good luck with your projects and everything!

  2. Sorry about the flu. Benjy got and gave it to me and I gave it to Mom and well who knows from there. Mom was sick up to and including the day we left for Hawaii.
    You will probably be better for the rest of the year now. I hope it is happy, well, and prosperous for all of you.