Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Snow

We've had very little snow this winter season, but this week we got 12 1/2 inches in one shot.
The day before the big snow, we got just an inch and Boo loved shuffling around in the snow, making tracks, and eating snow. She especially liked the snow off her boots.
But 12 1/2 inches isn't quite her cup of tea yet. A little too much to be able to walk. So I stomped out a little place and she stood in one spot and threw some snow around and licked it off her mittens. At 15 degrees we didn't stay out too long, but it was fun to play outside for a change.


  1. Snow is such a pain, but she looks cute in her pink coat.

  2. Whoa. 12 1/2 inches is a ton!

    At least going outside is not out of the question... it's so much better to have cold with snow than just cold with clouds...

    I finally tried your 5 minute artisan bread recipe and we love it! It reminds me of Germany. yum. Tyson really liked it too, as did the kids! It is a keeper. ;) Thanks!

  3. She looks sooo cute! I can't wait to have my little girl in a couple months!

  4. Trisha had a similar experience. We couldn't keep her inside the night before the big dump. When she got outside the next day, she didn't know what happened to all her fun, she just paced up and down the shoveled side walked and screamed every once and a while at the wall of snow she could no longer conquer. She was bewildered.


  5. We're enjoying our Snow-less winter here in the South! I've been enjoying your bread posts. I recently disovered a site called with tons of tutorials and good bread ideas. We've also had good success with a recipe called "No Knead bread" from Jim Lahey at the Sullivan Street Bakery. You can find the recipe online.