Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dark Chocolate Cake & Frosting

I found a fabulous recipe for dark chocolate cake that I made for our New Year's party. I halved the recipe and it made one cake pan plus a little loaf pan (the original recipe made three cake pans, that seemed like a weird number to me...and too much cake).

I had a lot of drama deciding on the frosting, but after consulting with Sara and Andy, I went with this dark chocolate frosting, and it was perfect. It's not buttercream (blah), but it's not ganache (which I wanted, but didn't have the ingredients). And it was super easy.

I was really happy with the end result - moist cake, great frosting, and dark chocolate overload. But I realize that not everyone is the dark chocolate purist that I am, so next time I think I will add a little something to all that chocolate goodness. I would make a two layer cake and slather raspberry jam between the layers, and then add raspberries to the frosted cake.


  1. It was yummy, I should have asked for a bigger slice!!

  2. If you need someone to polish off the leftovers....Ryan Bland is your man. He LOVES dark chocolate. OR just rub peanut butter all over it and J. is sure to down it.


  3. I love using dark chocolate baking chocolate in stuff. My favorite is dark chocolate sheet cake with dark chocolate frosting.

  4. Looking at the picture has made feel the need to go eat a whole cake myself :)