Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Leaves Craft

Last week we had cousins come to play, and Boo wanted to do a craft. Since there would be three adults around, I took a chance on a messy, sticky craft. The kids loved it!

Here's what you need:
Fall leaf coloring page
Corn syrup
Food coloring
Wipes or wet paper towels


*The corn syrup will leak through a regular piece of copy paper, so either copy your coloring page on cardstock, or put a piece of cardstock (or two pieces of copy paper) beneath the coloring page.*

Pour a teaspoon or two of corn syrup on the leaf.
Add a drop of food coloring.

The kids 'color' the fall leaves by smearing the corn syrup around the page with their fingers.

And it's an edible craft - the kids can lick their fingers when they are done!

Be sure to have some wipes or wet paper towels at the ready for wiping sticky hands and faces!

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