Monday, March 1, 2010

You found us!

Welcome to our new url.

Note a few minor alterations.

Same cute faces.

Come see us often!


  1. Boy has been trying to do what you have done with the pages up on the top for a week on his new blog for our fam. How did you do it? Did you do pages...I don't think so. Did you separate by, what's the trick?

  2. Blogger has a new gadget called 'pages' and it will allow you to create the static pages. Just go to 'add a gadget' and add 'pages' (it's right at the top). To create and edit the pages, you have to go to "posting" and there is an 'edit pages' tab there somewhere. This is where you can add the pages and edit them. If you want to rearrange them, you have to go back to 'layout'.

    If you don't have blogger, you can just create a fake static page by back dating a post and then creating a link at the top of your homepage to that back dated post. This is what I was considering doing until I found the new pages element on blogger.

    I'm typing this amidst chaos, so if it makes no sense let me know.

  3. So why did you change urls? I read your comment and I have no idea what 'pages' is? I am glad that you told us though, we love reading your blog. But could you tell me what it all does?

  4. Hi Heather! I changed urls so I had a blog address without our name in it.

    The 'pages' are the tabs up at the top underneath the blog title. If you click on one, it will take you to a static page where I have linked to old posts on certain topics. For example, if you click on 'cooking nook', you will see links to recipes I have posted. 'Cuties' is a page with links to my posts about the girls. The others don't have many (or any!) links yet, but I am planning more posts that would fit under those categories. I've been doing a lot of learning activities with Boo, and am looking forward to posting them. Just gotta get my act together with pictures.

    I hope you guys are well!

  5. Love the new blog. It's nice to see that the "pages" work great. I thought about trying them, but wasn't up for experimenting. Seeing how nice yours is, I may do that now. Thanks!

  6. Looks good! Blogging is fun and the truth is I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people; I probably won't email or pick up the phone to call so it helps me keep up with people that I otherwise wouldn't.

    Anyway, thought I'd share this site. It's useful for Blogger updates such as the pages thing:

  7. Thanks for the link Ben. I'm the same with keeping in touch via phone, what would I do without blogs or facebook?