Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kitty - 9 months

How did it get to be March 20th?

My little Kitty is 9 months old now. Still toothless. But I love that toothless grin.
We have come to an agreement regarding solid foods.

No baby food. And no utensils.

The occasional carrot stick to suck on.
And everyone is happy.

Peas and carrots, bits of cheese, fried egg, shredded chicken, cheerios, raisins, bits of bread, green beans. And cantaloupe. Absolutely no bananas or avocados. Anything off the floor.

I've started signing with her. She looks at me with wide eyes, a bit mystified.

Grandma gave her a little ball when she came to visit. It's her most prized possession. If she puts it down to grab another toy, it starts to roll away and she frantically grabs after it. And puts it safely back in her lap.

She has a new trick. From a sitting position, she puts her hands on the floor and tilts herself up til she is standing on her feet. She hangs out there for awhile before she plops herself back down.
She's a keeper.


  1. What is it about food on the floor that tastes better than the stuff at the table?
    She is getting so big and has, I am sorry to say, more hair than Molly!

  2. She's sure is cute! Did your other daughter have dark hair at first, too, or is this one going to take after her mama? Adorable!

  3. I hear you on the food front! Norah has two teeth but has been refusing baby food for quite some time. Today though, she ate everything the kids ate--oatmeal, PB&J, and corndog. I know--healthy, right?!