Friday, July 31, 2009

Medal of Honor

After I escaped bed rest and before Kitty made an appearance, we took a walk along the canal in downtown Indy.

For Boo it was not so much of a walk as a run. Hauling all my extra weight around, I could not keep up with her, so I was glad she didn't decide to hop into the canal.

We stopped at the memorial to Indiana natives who had received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

It was a beautiful glass memorial. And much more extensive than I anticipated. There were several of these glass curved walls.

It was quite moving to see hundreds (thousands?) of these etchings in the glass.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Put on a happy face

Boo had her first dental visit this week. The dentist calls it a "Happy Visit". Boo has come to the dentist with me twice before as prep. As we parked and went into the office, she said, "WOW! We have a big dentist!" She remembered the chair and that my teeth would get "all sparkley". Last time she came she got a toothbrush - the best gift ever, just her opinion.

She was chat-eee. Very unlike her (ok, well she talks my ear off at home, but is much quieter out and about). She jabbered all through my cleaning, mentioning several thousand times, that she was looking forward to a new toothbrush. Then it was her turn.

The promise of a new toothbrush is mighty motivating.

Did she let Molly (the hygienist) count her teeth? Oh yes.

Did she let Molly brush her teeth with the gritty grape spinning toothbrush? Oh yes. "Crunchy!" she says.

Did she let Molly use the little vacuum wand? Oh yes. We had to wrestle it away from her. Not exaggerating.

Did she let Dr. Hardin inspect and SCRAPE her teeth. Oh my yes.

If she hadn't been sitting on my lap, I would have fallen off the chair at each step.

She got to pick her toothbrush AND a sticker. She carried the toothbrush around all day. When she finally wrestled it out of its package, we had to insist that it go to its home in the bathroom.

***If you live in Indianapolis, we love Hardin Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We see Dr. Chris...Dr. Greg is his dad. If you have to have someone pick and drill your teeth, these guys are great. Molly is our hygienist, and we love love love her. She and Dr. Chris were great with Boo. And the nicest office staff I've ever encountered.***

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday J

Last week we celebrated J's birthday. Boo and I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (for better cream cheese frosting, double the butter, cream cheese and vanilla).

Boo proudly added the candles, and practiced blowing them out.

She was excited for her birthday before, now she is just about beside herself with excitement. I'm starting to think about birthday gifts for her, and I want to add to her arts and crafts collection. Any suggestions beyond the basics...markers, crayons, glue, and construction paper?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long lost pictures

Not so long really, just from the day Kitty was born.

J and Boo, with their babies.

The first time Boo dared touch Kitty. It was several days before Boo was ready to hold Kitty.

So you had a bad day...

I went to the dentist. I have two cavities.

I went to the endodontist. I have an infected tooth and need a re-root canal.

I went to the chiropractor. My hip is out of whack.

I have a cold.

Ants are taking over my kitchen.

Boo painted the window, the (formerly) white curtains, the top of her toy box, her white shirt, her green shirt, and her yellow shirt.

But on the bright side....

Boo's paints are washable.

I have leftover post-birth Vicodin. That takes care of my toothache, migraine, hip pain, and body aches. And leaves me with a nice cozy feeling.

My brother-in-law sent me this great youtube video.

I just got Microsoft Office.

And my mom is coming next week.

Friday, July 24, 2009

One month down

Kitty had her one month check up this week. She is already up to 9 lbs, 10 oz. Our lovely 3 hour feeding schedule went out the window after the first two weeks. Now I'm hanging in there, waiting for that magical 8 weeks old when she sleeps more, eats less.

Burrito Baby

Mama got a haircut

Someone gets sleep!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dressed for the occasion

Boo loves to dress up. The more accessories the better. Handbag is not optional.

What we will do in the winter when it is too cold for skirts and flip flops, I just do not know.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our house...where electronics come to die

Story One -

A few days after Kitty and I got home, Boo colored on her portable DVD player. She had been spending a lot of time with her markers and DVDs. I promised her I would wipe it off. But apparently I took too long to get around to it. A few mornings later, Boo found a bottle of hand sanitizer and washed it herself. It turns out that electronics are not meant to be sanitized.

Story Two -

A couple of days ago I sat down in my lawn chair in our lovely fenced in back yard. Twenty minutes later I pick up my cup of water that was on the ground next to me. And found my cell phone in it. It had fallen out of my was toast.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We've decided new baby will be code name Kitty. Cute, and less offensive than 'Puppy'.

Our first two weeks of being a two-child family is behind us, with relatively little drama. Kitty is a sweet, sweet baby. She is on a pretty consistent 3 hour schedule (thanks Babywise). She loves her white noise and swaddle blanket (thanks Happiest Baby on the Block). She's not much of a crier, except when she is ready to eat. Even then she's not so much of a crier as a screamer. Think "Nazgul".

I am feeling good, except for being tired. We have really appreciated all the help and offers of help from friends and family. Thank you!

Boo loves Kitty. She loves to bring her toys, and piles them on top of her. And Boo now loves to hold Kitty. And she's getting the hang of it.