Thursday, July 30, 2009

Put on a happy face

Boo had her first dental visit this week. The dentist calls it a "Happy Visit". Boo has come to the dentist with me twice before as prep. As we parked and went into the office, she said, "WOW! We have a big dentist!" She remembered the chair and that my teeth would get "all sparkley". Last time she came she got a toothbrush - the best gift ever, just her opinion.

She was chat-eee. Very unlike her (ok, well she talks my ear off at home, but is much quieter out and about). She jabbered all through my cleaning, mentioning several thousand times, that she was looking forward to a new toothbrush. Then it was her turn.

The promise of a new toothbrush is mighty motivating.

Did she let Molly (the hygienist) count her teeth? Oh yes.

Did she let Molly brush her teeth with the gritty grape spinning toothbrush? Oh yes. "Crunchy!" she says.

Did she let Molly use the little vacuum wand? Oh yes. We had to wrestle it away from her. Not exaggerating.

Did she let Dr. Hardin inspect and SCRAPE her teeth. Oh my yes.

If she hadn't been sitting on my lap, I would have fallen off the chair at each step.

She got to pick her toothbrush AND a sticker. She carried the toothbrush around all day. When she finally wrestled it out of its package, we had to insist that it go to its home in the bathroom.

***If you live in Indianapolis, we love Hardin Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We see Dr. Chris...Dr. Greg is his dad. If you have to have someone pick and drill your teeth, these guys are great. Molly is our hygienist, and we love love love her. She and Dr. Chris were great with Boo. And the nicest office staff I've ever encountered.***

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  1. Way to go Brooke. You did a good job letting the dentist take care of you. Keep on brushing those beautiful teeth